About us
Dolphin Smart Community Builder was developed by BoonEx Community Software Experts.

Dolphin Smart Community Builder is based on aeDating, the most popular dating software on the internet. Since the first Dolphin version was released on May 2006, it has been modernized, supplemented, improved considerably and become an even more popular Community software than the aeDating script was.
In conformity with the “Unite People” mission, BoonEx strongly believes that Community software should be offered free of charge, since the Community unites people of different cultures, nationalities and races.

BoonEx carries out its mission through Dolphin by improving it constantly and releasing at least 4 versions every six months. Thus Dolphin offers you advanced features which Internet users love very much: groups, photo gallery, blog, and much more. Dolphin is also integrated with Orca Interactive Forum Script and all the Ray Widgets, such as: Instant Messenger, Chat, Web Presence, Whiteboard, Music Player, Video Recorder, Video Player.

Dolphin, as well as other BoonEx products, is supported by the Expertzzz Community Software Support system. This system has been operating since Dolphin 5.3 and other BoonEx products were released under General Public License. The license entitles other developers to make changes in the code, make their modules and even sell them. There are a lot of developers who have already joined Expertzzz.com and are making money selling their modifications, templates, zip/post codes, language files and other plug ins and offering their support services.

In aspiring to achieve perfection BoonEx has launched a special Web Blog at www.boonex.org where General director Andrey Sivtsov discusses themes concerning the future versions of all BoonEx products with everyone interested. All interested persons are welcome to bring their contribution to Dolphin development.